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How Do I Add Attachments to Messages?

AWeber - Matt H
posted this on July 03, 2012 02:53 PM

You can attach up to one megabyte (1 MB) to any message you send out through AWeber. Many customers use this to send PDFs and other small files to their subscribers.

If you need to get a larger file than that to your subscribers, please contact our Support Team to discuss the situation.

Before You Attach a File

Keep in mind that attachments are in and of themselves potential risks. Due to the large number of viruses circulating on the Internet, email filters are more likely to prevent delivery of a message that has an attachment.

A good alternative to attaching a file to your message is to place it on a page of your website, and then provide a link to that web page within your message body.

Instructions for AWeber's drag and drop message editor are below. Instructions for the previous version of the editor are further down the page.

Adding an Attachment

When editing a message, you can find the "Attachments" button (it looks like a paperclip) at the bottom right of the editor.


Clicking that button will open an area where you can either drag files from your desktop, or click the "Upload a File" button to add your attachments.


Once you've added your attachments, they will appear in the upload area, where you can view or delete them.


Now just save and send your message as normal, and your files will be attached.

Using AWeber's Previous Editor?

While editing your message, scroll to the end of the page and click "Attach a File." A popup window appears - click the "Choose File" button to find your file.


Once you've chosen what you want to upload, just click "Attach File" and save your message as normal!

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