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How Do I Integrate Yahoo! Shopping Cart with AWeber?

AWeber - Matt H
posted this on July 23, 2012 01:42 PM

By following just a few steps, you can integrate "Yahoo! Shopping Cart" with your AWeber account and begin to build better relationships with your customers using a successful email marketing campaign.

  1. To begin the process, hover over the "List Options" tab and click Email Parsers.


    From the list of parsers at left, find the one labeled "Yahoo."


    Mark the checkbox next to "Yahoo" to activate it.

  2. You will need the email address for your list. On the left side of your page, you'll see a drop-down box with the label "Current List."


    The list you're currently working on appears inside of that box. Simply add "" to the end of your list's name to get your autoresponder email address.

  3. Add your campaign's address to your Yahoo! account.

    Sign into your Yahoo! Small Business account.

    Click on Store Control Panel under the Go To menu
Click on Order Emails under the Order Settings column.
Under Automatic Order Processing, enter your campaign's email address you got from step #2.
Click on the "Done" button.

Under the Order Settings column you found earlier, click on Publish Order Settings at the bottom of the list.
Click on the "Publish" button.

What To Do Next

When someone orders a product from you, an email message will be sent to your AWeber campaign's email address. Our system will recognize this email, take the customer's name from it, and add them to your list.

You can test a purchase yourself to see this process from a customer's perspective, or just wait for a few orders to come in and watch your list grow with opt in subscribers.

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