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How Do I Integrate Rapportive with AWeber?

AWeber - Matt H
posted this on July 27, 2012 02:32 PM

Rapportive is an application for Gmail which allows you to pull information from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter into your Gmail account, letting you see what your email correspondents are doing in other spheres.

Interested? You can learn more about Rapportive on their website.

AWeber now has an app that works with Rapportive, allowing you to see your AWeber subscribers' information in your Gmail account.

Take a Look

Here's what the app looks like in your Gmail account (click the image for an expanded view):


Want to get started? Check out the intstructions below.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. If you haven't already, go to and follow the instructions on that page to install Rapportive (this should only take a moment).

  2. With Rapportive installed, log into your Gmail account. In the upper right corner, under the Rapportive menu, choose Add or Remove Raplets.


  3. Here, just find the AWeber Raplet near the top of the page and click the Add This button.


  4. A new popup will appear - this time, click Add AWeber to Rapportive.


  5. Finally, just allow Rapportive to access your AWeber account by entering your AWeber login information and clicking Allow Access.


That's it! Now, when you open an email from one of your subscribers in AWeber, you will see the information you have stored in your AWeber account displayed right in the Rapportive sidebar.

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