How do I integrate with AWeber? is a platform that gives you the ability to add increased functionality to your Facebook Lead Ads. Using ConnectAudience, you'll be able to create custom audiences based on subscribers in your AWeber account as well as their engagement with your messages. With ConnectLeads you'll be able to add subscribers to your email list when they click on one of your ads. In this article we'll walk through how to connect your AWeber account to

Note: This integration is dependent on your Facebook Lead Ads account being integrated with as well.

Step By Step Instructions

      1. Once you've logged into, select "Connect to your auto-responder" from the main dashboard. Click "Connect to autoresponder".

        Click Connect to Autoresponder
      2. Then click "Add New" under Autoresponder Management.

        Click Add New
      3. You'll be prompted to enter a name for this autoresponder, enter the name you would like to use.

        Name the autoresponder
      4. Then, select "AWeber" from the Autoresponder drop down menu.

        Select AWeber from the autoresponder drop down menu
      5. Next, click "Save".

        Click Save
      6. After you've clicked Save, you'll be notified that the app is not connected. To continue with this connect, click "Please click here to connect".

        Click Please click here to connect
      7. Enter your AWeber login credentials and click "Allow Access".

        Login Name and Password

Congratulations, you've succcessfully connected your AWeber account to Moving forward, you'll be able to select AWeber from the Autoresponder options in ConnectAudience or ConnectLeads.

Can select AWeber from the Autoresponder options in ConnectAudience or ConnectLeads


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