How do I copy an active message to another list?

After setting a message up within you campaign, you can reuse the message or makes changes for use within another list. This article will walk you through how to copy a message that you have within an active campaign to your drafts or another list within your AWeber account.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Hover over the Messages tab and select Drafts.

    Click Drafts page

  2. Next, select "In a Campaign" from the Drafts page options.


  3. To copy to the Drafts in that list, click "Copy To Drafts".


  4. To copy to another list, click "Copy to List".


    Then, select the list to copy that draft to.


Congratulations! You've successfully copied your Draft message from the "In a Campaign" tab to either your drafts section or to another list. This draft will now be accessible in your drafts section or the other list selected as a completely separate message.

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