How will the update affect my account?

As of April 12, 2017 Verizon will no longer offer email service as a part of their business. Moving forward, all mail sending will be handled via AOL. During the email retirement and migration process, you may see differences in how opens are tracking in your AWeber account. This is due to the backend changes required for Verizon to move their sending infrastructure to AOL.

All subscribers have been prompted to take action starting February of 2017 in an effort to proactively migrate any past information to an email address. If the subscriber does not take action, they will no longer be able to use their email address and it will become undeliverable.

How will this affect me?

During the migration from to, there may be inconsistencies in how opens are displayed in your account. As the move between two large services will likely take several months to complete, your subscribers with a address may be affected at any point in that time.

This will not effect our ability to track the opens for these messages. But as the domain where a subscriber receives that mail may be in flux, slight inconsistencies are likely to occur.

What can I do to alleviate this issue?

As this is a subscriber issue, there is no action you need to take in your account to ensure that the updates from to complete correctly. We don't foresee any issues with those subscribers who have updated receiving messages in the future. For more information please consult these FAQ articles from Verizon and AOL.

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