How do I integrate CaptainForm with AWeber?

CaptainForm is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create sign up, contact, quiz, and poll forms along with surveys and other templates to display on your WordPress page. They allow for customizable forms with a myriad of options like taking payments and having added password protection.

With the AWeber integration, the information that you collect will be passed directly to the list of your choosing in AWeber. This article explains how you can integrate CaptainForm with AWeber.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Select the form that you want to use. We'll choose Quiz Form for this example and click "Use Template."

  2. Click the "Settings" option at the top of the page and from the dropdown, select "3rd Party Apps."

  3. Select "AWeber."

  4. Click "Connect to AWeber."

  5. In the window that appears, enter your AWeber login credentials, and click "Allow Access."

    Login Name and Password
  6. Choose the AWeber list you would want to use from the dropdown.

  7. If you have any custom fields, you can click "Customize."


    Match the custom fields you have in AWeber with the fields in your form.


Congratulations! You've successfully connected CaptainForm to AWeber. Subscribers who enter their information in your CaptainForm forms will be added to the AWeber list you connected.

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