How do I trigger a Campaign based on a specific sign up form?

Having customized content that sends to customers based on their particular interests can enhance the interaction you have with your subscribers while providing more targeted content. With AWeber you can have subscribers added to a list based on the form they used as well as trigger different series.

In AWeber, this is done with a combination of tagged sign up forms and related campaign series. This article will cover how to link a form to a particular campaign using tags.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, access the form you would like to edit under the "Sign Up Forms" tab. Then add the tag you want to use. For this example, we'll be using two campaigns and their respective tags 'Book 1' and 'Book 2.'

    Tag form one

    And add a different tag to the second sign up form you create.

    Tag form two

    Once you finish, you will be left with at least 2 forms.

    You will have two forms

  2. With the forms created you will now move to create the campaigns. When creating the campaign itself for this, choose "Tag Applied."

    Trigger on tag

  3. Next, add the tag you would like to trigger this campaign.

    Enter the trigger tag

    Once you have set the tag, continue creating the campaign.

    Continue creating the campaign

  4. Once both of the campaigns are set up properly, make sure to "Activate" them. Note: Campaigns must be active before the tags are applied for the campaign to trigger.

    Activate the campaign

Congratulations! Now, subscribers who sign up through the different forms in your list will receive different content based on each tag. You can also send broadcasts to either group based on their tag.

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