How do I send a Broadcast to subscribers who have finished my Campaign?

Using Campaigns you have the option apply a tag to subscribers using the Apply Tag action. This is a great way to add automation to your message series. One way to use the Apply Tag action is by placing it at the end of your series. You can trigger another campaign on this tag, or use it as a way to send Broadcasts directly to these subscribers.

In this article, we'll walk through how to add an Apply Tag action to the end of your campaign so you can schedule a Broadcast to be sent to those subscribers.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, hover over the Messages tab and choose Campaigns.

    Hover over Message and click Campaigns

  2. Then, select the campaign you would like to edit.


  3. From within the campaign, drag and "Apply Tag" action to the end of your campaign.


  4. Choose the tag you would like applied.


    Then, click "Save & Exit".


  5. From the Campaigns page, hover over Subscribers and choose Manage Subscribers.


  6. Then, choose "Tag" from the "Select field" drop down menu.


    And, enter the tag you've used for the end of the campaign.


  7. Once you've selected that tag, click "Search".


  8. Next, you'll need to name your segment. Once you've chosen a name, enter it in the "Save As Segment" input box and click "Save".


Congratulations! You've successfully saved a segment of subscribers who've reached the end of your campaign. You can now select that segment from the "Send to subscribers in this segment:" drop down menu when scheduling your Broadcast.



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