How do I send a Broadcast to a subscriber who is not in my Campaign?

In this article, we'll walk through how to create a segment by excluding a specific tag and schedule a Broadcast to be sent to those subscribers.

Using Campaigns you have the option to trigger a campaign with a tag and apply a tag to subscribers using the Apply Tag action. This is a great way to add automation to your message series.

For example, if you have several campaigns in your list, and each is triggered on a different tag, you can easily exclude one and mail to the others. This is helpful when you have multiple products adding people to a general newsletter list. That way, you can still promote each product to that list, without contacting people who have already purchased it.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click the "Automations" tab and select "Campaigns." Then, click the "Edit" button of the campaign you would like to review.


  2. You will need to determine which tag you want to exclude. The tag will be listed under the Tag Applied campaign trigger.

    Tag Applied trigger

    Or in an "Apply Tag" action within the campaign.

    Apply Tag action

  3. Once you've confirmed that a tag has been applied to subscribers joining this campaign, click "Save & Exit".

    Click save and exit

  4. Then, click the "Subscribers" tab and select "Subscribers." On that page, choose Tag from the "Search Option" drop-down menu.

    Tag search

  5. Change the search modifier to "is not."

    Is not modifier

  6. Then, enter the tag you want to exclude and click "Search."

    Enter the tag

  7. Once you've searched for subscribers who do not have this tag applied, name your segment under the "Save search as segment:" section and click "Save".

    Name and save segment

Congratulations! You've successfully saved a segment of subscribers who are not in this campaign. You can now select that segment from the "Send to segment:" drop down menu when scheduling your Broadcast.

Scheduler Custom Segment Selection.png

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