What happens when I show my Legacy Follow Up Series in Campaigns?

You have the option to show a current Legacy Follow Up Series in the Campaigns page, giving you control of the opt-in method to trigger that series and also allowing you to pause the series. You will have this extra control under the Campaigns page, while still being able to edit messages and intervals in the usual Legacy Follow Up Series interface.

In this article, we will cover how to use this feature and get the most out of it.

Note: Once a follow up series is shown in Campaigns there would not be a way to remove it. No functionality will change in this process other than the options below.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click on "Show this Series in Campaigns" to move your series.


  2. The series will be labeled as 'Legacy Follow Up Series' on your Campaigns page.


    To make any changes, click "Legacy Follow Up Series".


  3. You'll have the option to change the On Subscribe trigger. As an example, we are going to set this series to only trigger for people coming through sign up forms. First, click "Add Filter".


  4. Then choose the filter you want.


    This makes it so only people that meet this requirement will be sent the Follow Up Series.

You also have the option to pause your Legacy Follow Up Series. This will stop any future subscribers from being able to join that series.

Note: subscribers already within the series will continue to receive those messages.  If you want to further pause the series, you can do so by changing the message interval.


You will still edit the Follow Up Messages and intervals from the Legacy Follow Up page.



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