How do I select what link I want to trigger an Automation?

Automation is a great way to provide more relevant and valuable information to your subscribers. Using Engagement Triggers, particularly ones that activate when a certain link has been clicked, can be set to trigger several related Automations. We will cover how to set those links to be those triggers for your Campaign.

Note: If you are using AWeber’s sales tracking in your list, and have the analytics javascript installed, automations will not trigger for that URL.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Once you've created your campaign, click on the Send Message action you'd like to use for this Automation.


  2. Then, click the "Add Automation" button in the right hand Settings menu.


  3. You'll have the option to select a trigger and action for this Automation from the Add Automation menu. Use the "If a subscriber does this:" drop down and select Clicks a link.


  4. Now, click "Select Links" to choose what links you'd like to use.


  5. The dropdown menu will provide you with checkboxes next to every link that is available. You can select one or more links to be the trigger.


    You can also use the "Select All" box to have all links trigger the Automation.


  6. Once you've selected a link, click "Apply".


  7. The links you've chosen will show up on the Add Automation setting panel.


Congratulations! You've successfully chosen the links that will triggering corresponding actions that have been sent in your automation.

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