How do I trigger a Campaign when a subscriber clicks a link in my message?

In this article, we will explain how to trigger your Campaign when a subscriber clicks a link in your message.

With Automations, you have the option to trigger certain actions based on how a subscriber interacts with your message. Using tags with your automation, you have the ability to trigger certain campaigns based on the tags that are applied when a subscriber clicks a link in your message. One benefit of this is that you can give your subscribers the ability to choose what kind of content they'll receive moving forward.

For example, subscribers can choose the specific kind of cooking course they want to receive by clicking a link in the welcome message on your list. In this article we'll go over how to set up your campaigns to let subscribers choose the kind of messages they'll receive moving forward.

Note: If you are using AWeber’s sales tracking in your list, and have the analytics javascript installed, automations will not trigger for that URL.

Setting up your campaigns

First, you'll need to set up the campaigns in your list. For this example, we're having the subscriber click on one of three links in the welcome message. Depending on what they click, they'll be added to a different campaign.

Note: All campaigns will need to be Active.


We'll also be adding a fourth campaign for those subscribers that did not engage.

For the first campaign, we've given the subscriber two chances to choose what kind of information they want to receive. They can click a link in the first or second message to have a tag applied for a a different campaign.

Note: This campaign is triggered for everyone who joins your list.


If they do not choose to specify what course they want to join, a tag is applied at the end of the campaign to move them to a general re-engagement series.


Each of the three course-specific campaigns will be triggered on a different tag. The tag will be applied when a subscriber clicks a link in either the first or second message of your introductory campaign.

Campaign One


Campaign Two


Campaign Three


Great! Now that you've created the campaign flow in your account, you'll need to set up automations for each of the messages in your introductory campaign.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Access the introductory campaign and click on the first Send Message action.


  2. Click "Add Automation".


  3. Then, choose Clicks a link from the "If a subscriber does this:" drop down menu.


  4. Next, click "Select Links" to to select the link you want to use.


  5. Check the box next to link you would like to use for this automation.


    Then, click "Apply".


  6. Once you've selected a link, select Add/Remove tag from the "Then do this:" drop down menu.


  7. Add the tag you want applied when a subscriber clicks this link in your message.


    Or remove tags if you would like.


  8. After entering your tag, click the "Add Action" button.


    And select Remove subscriber from campaign from the "And then do this:" drop down menu. If you don't, subscribers will continue to receive the introductory campaign.


    Note: Any tags that effect other campaigns will be displayed above this toggle switch.


  9. Click "Apply" to save your automation.


    Note: Your automations will be displayed in the right hand Settings panel for each Send Message action.


    You'll also see a badge on the action itself from the campaign editor.


Congratulations! You've set up specific campaigns to be triggered based on a link your subscribers click in you message.The automations you have created will show in the right hand settings panel of a campaign Send Message action. You can now send more relevant content to your list based on their own decisions.


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