How do I add a send window to my Campaign?

Campaign messages are sent based on a wait action. Adding a Send Window gives you more control over when those messages are sent. You can refine your sending schedule by setting both days of the week and times of day you'd like the message to be sent.

For example, you've historically tracked higher conversation rates during the work week, sending in the mornings. In this article we'll go over how to add that send window to the wait action in your campaign.

Note: Whenever you set a specific send window in your campaign it will always read the wait time first, then the send window. If you have a wait time of 1 day the system will wait a full 24 hours first, then move on to read the specific send window you have set.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. From the Campaigns section of your list, click on the campaign you would like to edit.


  2. Then, click on the Wait action you'd like to add a Send Window to.


  3. Next, click the "Add New Send Window" option in the Wait action settings menu on the right.


  4. You'll have the options to select specific days and times for your message to be sent. In this example we've selected to send the message after 8am on Monday through Friday.


    Note: To specify the days a messages should be sent, they will need to be blue.

  5. Once you've selected a Send Window in your campaign, it will display in the Wait action of your campaign.


Congratulations! You've successfully created a Send Window in your campaign. Your messages will now be sent on a more precise day and time.

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