How do I trigger a campaign when a subscriber opens a message in my campaign?

In this article, we will explain how to trigger another Campaign when a subscriber opens a message in your Campaign.

For example, you can tag a subscriber based on whether or not they opened the last message in your campaign. Once the open tag is applied, you can trigger another campaign This is useful if you want to send specific messages to subscribers within a welcome series, or other automated campaign, when they engage with your content.

Note: If you are using AWeber’s sales tracking in your list, and have the analytics javascript installed, automations will not trigger for that URL.

Setting up your campaigns

First, you'll need to create the campaigns within your list. For this exampled we're going to send a special thank you email to the subscribers who opened up the last message in your prospect series.

Note: All campaigns will need to be active.


For the prospect campaign in this example, there are three messages, sent out over the course of a week.

Note: This campaign is triggered for everyone who joins your list.


The second campaign will be triggered on the tag you have applied in the automation from the prospect campaign.


Great, now that you've set up your campaigns, you'll need to create the automation in the last message of your prospect campaign.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. From within the prospect campaign, click on the last Send Message action.


  2. Then, click the "Add Automation" button.


  3. Choose Opens the message from the "If a subscriber does this:" drop down menu.


  4. Next, select Add/Remove Tag from the "Then do this:" drop down menu.


  5. Next, add the tag you used to trigger the second campaign in your list.


    Note: You'll be notified that this tag triggers another campaign in your list.


  6. Click the "Apply" button to save.


  7. Once you've created the automation in your message, you'll see this listed in the right hand settings panel.


Congratulations, the automations you have created will show in the right hand settings panel of a campaign Send Message action. Those subscribers that engage with the final message in your prospect will campaign will receive an additional message based on that open.

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