How do I select the language for my confirmation message?

When you are marketing to different geographic areas, or have lists set to send messages in different languages, it is important that your subscribers receive the confirmation in their native language as well. We provide a translation for a number of different languages directly in your list. In this article we'll walk through how to select which language you would like to use for the AWeber confirmation message.

Step by step instructions

  1. First, hover over the List Options tab and select List Settings.


  2. Then, choose Confirmation Message from the left hand menu options.


  3. On this page page you'll have the option to select a language. That can be done under the Language section, below the description of the page.


  4. AWeber provides 13 different languages to choose from, all of which are available in the Select a language drop down menu.


  5. When you select which language you'd like to use, a pop up will appear for you to confirm this choice. To confirm, click "Yes".


    Note: Updating the language for your confirmation message will translate the following sections: Header, Body, Signature.


    All approved subject lines will be translated, if you are using a custom one, you'll need to make sure and translate it directly.


Congratulations, you've successfully updated the language for your confirmation message! Your subscribers will now receive this message in their native language.

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