How do I trigger a campaign when someone clicks a link in my broadcast?

Broadcasts are a great way to provide subscribers with time-sensitive updates. Using Automations you can trigger a message, or series of messages, to be sent when someone clicks a link in your broadcast. This is a great way to provide your subscribers with specific information that is more relevant to their interests.

For this example, you will need to have an active campaign that is triggered on a tag in the list. When you send out your broadcast, you'll have the option to apply a tag based on one of the links being clicked in the message. When a subscriber clicks that link, the tag is applied to them, and your active campaign will be sent out automatically.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, create the campaign in your list and activate it under the Campaigns section of the Messages tab.

    Create and activate your campaign

    Note: This campaign will need to be triggered on a tag.

    Make sure the campaign is triggered by a tag

  2. Once you've confirmed that the campaign is active, hover over Messages and select Drafts.

    Hover over Messages and select Drafts

  3. Click the green "Create a Message" button and work through the creation of your broadcast.

    Click Create a Message

    You'll have the option to use our Drag and Drop Email Builder, or the HTML Editor.

  4. After the message is edited and ready to send, click the blue "Send Options" button and select "Schedule a Broadcast".

    Click Schedule a Broadcast from the Send Options tab

  5. From the Broadcast settings menu, find the "Do you want automations?" section.

    Do you want automations? section

    Then, click the blue "Edit" button to the right.

    blue Edit button

  6. This will give you access to the Automations menu where you can designate which links in your message will apply a tag to your subscribers when clicked.

    Do you want automations? drop down menu

    Note: You'll have the option to apply multiple tags per link. To do so, just hit return after you've entered the complete tag.

    Do you want automations? drop down menu with tags affiliated with links

  7. Once you've entered the tags you'd like to use, click the blue "Apply" button located at the bottom right.

    Click Apply

  8. You'll see the number of automations present in this message under the "Do you want automations?" section of the Broadcast Settings window.

    number of automations highlighted

Congratulations! When someone clicks on one of the links in your broadcast, they'll be tagged and any corresponding campaigns will be triggered.

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