What are link previews?

Link previews automatically expand a link in a message into a beautiful display including the image, title and description.

Link previews work in two ways:

  • Adding a link in the Feed element
  • Pasting a link in a new line of a text element and hit the return  or  enter key.

It's no longer necessary to manually upload images, titles or descriptions into emails.



Step By Step Instructions

  1. Turn link previews on.

  2. Click and drag the "Text" element to the desired spot in the message or use an existing "Text" element

  3. Then, enter the web page's link into its own line and hit the return  or  enter key.


  4. After a few seconds, the web page's content appear. Use the "Undo" button to turn the link preview back into a text link.

    Feed element showing web page content from the provided link

    Note: it is email marketing best practices to use hyperlinks.

  5. In the menu, there are options to change the layout, text color, what information displays, and the order in which it displays.

    Options to change the appearance of the feed element

Using the Feed Element

  1. Drag a "Feed" element into the message and paste the link into the URL field.


  2. Customize the Layout options from the menu.choose-designs.gif
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