How do I edit the background color of a row in a landing page?

In this article, we explain the different ways the background color of a Row in the Landing Page Builder.

With AWeber's Landing Page Builder, you can customize the look and feel of individual sections of your landing page using Rows. 

Step By Step Instructions

1. If you haven't done so already, create a landing page using the Landing Page Builder, and add content to the message using the different elements available. Then, select the Row in your message that you want to edit.

Select Row

2. After selecting that Row, the settings for the Row will appear on the right side of the landing page editor.

Row Settings on right side of page

3. There are two different Background Color Settings. The "BG Color" setting found right below Row is to set the background color for the entire row. This will extend over the landing page's background color or image.

Row BG Color
The "BG Color" setting found under Design is to set the background color for the column. Setting the background color here will allow for the background color or image to appear on the edges around the row. 
Column BG Color

4. You will have the ability to select a color from the Color Palette and Recently Used colors, or to use the color picker to select a new color. As you click between different colors, the background of your Row will adjust, so you can see how the color you choose will appear in your message.

Choose from Color Picker, Color Palette, or Recently Used colors

6. If there is more than one column in your row, selecting the box labelled "Apply settings to all columns" will duplicate these settings to the other columns in your Row. If this box is not selected, you can have different settings for each column.

Checkbox labelled Apply settings to all columns

Congratulations! You have successfully changed the background color of your Row.

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