How do I integrate Viral Loops with AWeber?

In this article, we're going to walkthrough the steps to integrate Viral Loops with your AWeber account.

With Viral Loops, you can create a newsletter sign up form for new subscribers. Once a subscriber signs up to your newsletter, Viral Loops will provide a unique referral link so that they can refer their acquaintances to your newsletter as well. You can also import your existing lists into Viral Loops to generate referral links for those contacts.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click "Create a Campaign" to get started.


  2. Select a template for your campaign.

    Select a template

  3. After you select a template, a window will pop over the page with email marketing services. Select AWeber and click "Continue."


  4. Next, create a name for your newsletter.


  5. Click "Next" to continue editing your campaign until you reach the "Connect" step. 


  6. On the "Connect" step, you will connect to your AWeber account. Click the "Connect" button.

    Click Connect

  7. You will have to allow Viral Loops to access your AWeber account information, including your lists, messages, and subscribers. Enter your login credentials, complete the captcha, and click "Allow Access."

    Authorize the integration

  8. After you authorize the integration, select your list from the "AWeber List" drop-down.

    Select your list

  9. Click "Connect" to complete. 

    Click Connect again

  10. Once you finish creating your campaign and it is live, any referrals who sign up through the campaign will be added to your list. Now, you can import your existing subscribers. To do this, enter the campaign dashboard and scroll down to the "Participants" section.

    Enter the dashboard

  11. Then, click "Import" and select AWeber from the available options.

    Click Import

  12. Finally, click "Import," and confirm that you would like to import your active subscribers.

    Confirm the import

  13. You'll see your imported subscribers listed in the "Participants" section, with their referral codes and other data.

    Imported subscribers

And that's it! Back on your Subscribers page in your AWeber list, you will see the referral data added as custom fields, as well.

Custom fields in your list

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