How do I configure my Wordpress site using WP Rocket to work with Web Push Notifications?

In this article, we'll cover the settings needed in order to utilize Web Push Notifications with your Wordpress pages using WP Rocket, or a similar page optimization plugin.

WP Rocket is a paid Wordpress plugin that helps your website load as fast as possible meaning people spend less time waiting and more time engaging with your content. This will help prevent any prolonged load times for your website visitors.

Step by Step Instructions

Note: If you still have an issue after following the instructions below, please refer to WP Rocket's troubleshooting video for additional help. 

    1. After installing WP Rocket, you'll find it as a selectable menu item under 'Settings'.

      WP Rocket Settings

    2. Once you've accessed the WP Rocket Dashboard, select 'File Optimization'.

      WP Rocket File Optimization

    3. On the resulting page, under the 'JavaScript Files' section, enable the setting labeled 'Combine Javascript files'.

      Combine JavaScript Files

    4. Then, paste the following into the text areas labeled 'Excluded Inline Javascript' and 'Excluded Javascript Files'.

      Exclude Inline JavaScript Files

    5. Once completed, select the 'Save Changes' button found at the very bottom of the page.


Now you can enjoy short load times on your Wordpress pages while offering a way for your website visitors to opt into your Push Notifications! If you have not already done so, make sure you complete the setup instructions to enable Push Notifications.

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