How do I set up DKIM and SPF records with Google Workspace?

In order to ensure industry leading deliverability, AWeber authenticates all messages we send for our users automatically. While AWeber does basic authentication for you automatically, it is a best practice to also authenticate your own domain name to build the best email sending reputation possible.

We recommend creating custom DKIM and SPF records through your domain provider as those records tell the world that the emails you send from AWeber are valid and authorized. In this article, we will cover how to create these custom records, and how to ensure they are configured properly.

For more information on the standards that affect the deliverability of email messages, review our complete article on email authentication. In this article, we'll cover the specific steps for setting these records through Google Domains.

Step by Step Instructions

Google Workspace sets up synthetic (automatically generated) SPF and other records to make sure their services work properly. For example, these automatically generated records are what make your Gmail based email work with your custom domain.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to "edit" those records to include AWeber information, so we need to first delete them, and then re-create them on our own.

  1. After navigating to the DNS section for the domain you're configuring records for, you'll find a section titled 'Synthetic Records'. These are the previously mentioned records that make all of the associated default Google features work with your Workspace account. Since there isn't a way to edit these records individually we'll need to take note of the records displayed and recreate them with the appropriate AWeber information. Make sure you take note of these specific records, copying into an external document for later reference. After deleting these records, you'll be able to restore them if needed.


  2. Then, begin recreating those records in the same way you created your CNAME records


    Those CNAME records will need to be set with the following information. Replace with your domain.

    Record Type Name Value TTL
    CNAME Default
    CNAME Default
    CNAME Default 
  3. When you recreate your TXT record, be sure to set the value similar to the following example.
    v=spf1 ~all

    This will ensure your Google email sending will function properly in addition to your AWeber messages being properly signed for.

And you're done! Please feel free to reference our article on setting DNS records for more specific information. 

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