How can I trigger the Opt-In Prompt manually?

In this article, we are going to walk through the steps to trigger the "Opt-In Prompt" on a user action, like clicking a button.

We automatically show your “Opt-In Prompt” using a timer setting but we also allow you to have more direct control of when and how the “Opt-In Prompt” is triggered. You can use our code snippet to customize the experience for your website visitors.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, go to “Opt-In Prompt” settings and disable the “Opt-In Prompt” toggle. Since we are using a different trigger for the “Opt-In Prompt," we do not want it to automatically display using the timer.

    Opt-in prompt toggle

  2. Then, add this class to an element on your page to manually trigger the prompt: aw_permit_prompt

Here are some examples of how you can add this to your website:

Trigger on button click <button onclick="aw_permit_prompt">Subscribe to notifications<button>
Trigger on link click <a href=“#” class=“aw_permit_prompt”>Subscribe to notifications</a>
Trigger on image click <img src="imagesrc.jpg" onclick=“aw_permit_prompt”>
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