How do I collect a shipping address?

With the Ecommerce element, it takes a few clicks to add the product to your landing page and start generating sales--simply enter a product name and price. You can review your revenue with built-in reports from AWeber and, ultimately, reduce the stress of processing transactions. Stripe will handle the complexities of charging credit cards, chargebacks, refunds, etc.

In order to start selling, you must first connect your account to Stripe. Learn how to connect Stripe and AWeber with a step-by-step walkthrough.

Since the distribution of physical products is handled entirely on your end, we do not currently provide a method of storing your customer's shipping address. In this article, we'll cover a workflow using tags through which you can send an email only to those who make a purchase through your landing page, which triggers an email containing a Google Form. This form can be used to gather your customer's shipping address.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. After connecting your Stripe account and adding the Ecommerce element to your landing page, select your Ecommerce button to view its settings. On the Ecommerce sidebar menu, you'll find a "Tag Automations" section where you can remove and add tags to those who purchase that product.

    Click the "Add Automation" button.

    Add Automation button

    Set tags to be added or removed from subscribers after they purchase this product. As an example, you can add a tag, "need-address" to help indicate what subscribers have not submitted their address yet. Click "Add Automation" after the desired tags have been set.

    Add and remove tag text boxes

  2. After configuring your tag and publishing your landing pagecreate a Campaign triggered based on the tag applied through your Ecommerce element.

  3. The very first message sent from this Campaign should contain a link to a Google Form, or another third party platform that can store information submitted through a form. You'll be able to attach this link to an image or text within your Campaign message.

    Note: To allow for your subscribers to receive this message multiple times, after recurring purchases, you'll need to configure your Campaign to allow for multiple entries.

After following these steps, once a subscriber completes a purchase from you, they will receive the configured tag, which will trigger a Campaign message containing a link to your Google Form (or other chosen form). You'll then need to manually check this form in order to gather the submitted shipping addresses.

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