Why am I getting an 'Email Invalid' error when subscribing with a mobile device?

In this article, we'll explain why an 'Email Invalid' error may occur when subscribing with a mobile device. We'll also provide specifics to ensure your subscribers experience a seamless subscription process through social media platforms.


Mobile devices provide the ability to stay connected while on the go. Making sure your sign up forms function properly for those signing up to your mailing list using a computer and a mobile device will prove to be very beneficial in growing your list of subscribers. Additionally, social media pages offered by Instagram and Twitter, for example, provide free exposure for your business to anyone else using those applications. Using a social media platform to promote your mailing list is encouraged.


App Based Browsers

Placing a link to your AWeber sign up form or landing page on your social media pages is a fantastic way to drive subscriber growth. It is common practice to send those new subscribers to a Thank You Page, which is the page a subscriber is taken to immediately after submitting their information through your form. Clicking links in a social media app will trigger that application's browser to load the URL. This is very similar to Google Chrome or Firefox for example, in that you can navigate around the internet, but the app based browser is not a fully functioning web browser.


Since app based browsers do not have the capability of opening a new tab, you'll need to make sure the forms you place on your social media pages are not configured to open the Thank You Page in a new tab. Otherwise, they will be met with an error.

Email Invalid error message

Note: Subscribers will still be added to your list despite seeing this error message.

For your AWeber sign up forms and landing page forms you'll have the option to have your Thank You Page open a new tab or reload the existing page. For any form that can be accessed through a social media page, make sure you configure the Thank You Page to reload the existing page. You'll want to do the same for your landing page forms as well. 

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