Why is my sign up form reporting that my email address is invalid?

If you test your sign up form on a mobile device and receive an error message that your email address is invalid, it is most likely related to the settings of your thank you page.

When you click on a link through an app like Facebook, an in-app browser will open directly within the app. When the form is submitted, an "invalid email" error message even if your email address is valid. Due to the limitations of in-app browsers, the form is unable to submit your subscriber's data to AWeber. To resolve this, you simply have to edit the settings of your thank you page so that it displays in the same window.

In this article, we are going to walk through the steps to adjust your form for an optimal experience when signing up on a mobile device.

Regular AWeber Forms

  1. Go to the "Sign Up Forms" tab and click on the name of your form.

    Click on your form

  2. Next, click the "Settings" tab within the form builder.

    Settings tab

  3. Uncheck the "Open this in a new window box" and click "Save Your Form."

    Uncheck the box

And that's it! If you're using the hosted URL of the form, you do not have to make any further updates. If you have the HTML posted to your site, you will have to republish the code to reflect the updates.

AWeber Landing Pages

  1. Visit the "Landing Pages" tab under "Pages & Forms" and click on the name of your page to open the editor.

    Click your landing page

  2. Click within the form element to pull up the "Form" settings. Then, click the "Submissions" tab.

    Form settings

  3. Uncheck the "Open in a New Window" box.

    Uncheck Open in New Window

And that's it! Save your landing page and make sure to publish the changes

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