How do I use the Pop-up element in my landing page?

Landing pages are a great tool to help grow your list, offer an incentive, and promote your products and services. With AWeber's landing page editor, you can customize the design of your page to match your site branding.

If you're not sure how to get started, we have instructions on how to create a landing page.

In this article, we are going to walk through how you can use the pop up element to grab your landing page visitor's attention when they arrive on your page. This element will cause the other elements you add and format to appear in front of a darkened screen. Below is an example of how you can trigger a sign up form to pop-up a few seconds after a potential subscriber lands on your page.



Step by Step Instructions

  1. Start by dragging the Pop-up element onto your landing page canvas. You can place this element wherever you'd like.


    You'll see a grey block appear that says 'Click To Edit'. This is only a placeholder so that you can address and edit your pop-up element within your landing page and will not be displayed on your published landing page. Clicking either 'Click To Edit' or the 'Page' tab will populate settings on the right side of the page used to edit the pop up element. 

  2. Clicking on the 'Pop-up' tab will display the empty pop up element. You'll drag the available elements that you would like displayed into that space. This is the same drag and drop functionality that exists elsewhere within the message editor.


  3. Along with other styling options, you'll find a 'Delay' input in the righthand menu. This input determines the amount of time in seconds that will pass before the pop-up element appears on the page. Your pop-up element will be displayed every time your page is viewed. This timer starts when the page is loaded for each website visitor.


And that is it! By using the pop-up element, you can direct your landing page visitors attention to various other elements seconds after they land on your page. Don't forget to publish your changes after saving and exiting. 

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