How do I integrate AWeber with GrooveFunnels and GroovePages?

In this article, we will walk through the steps to integrate GrooveFunnels with AWeber.

With GrooveFunnels, you can create custom webpages and funnels to grow an email marketing list or sell your products and services. You can add an AWeber element to your GroovePages so that visitors can sign up to your list and receive your messages.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, click the account settings icon in the top-right of the control panel and click "My integrations."

    My integrations tab

  2. Then, click "Add Integration."

    Click Add Integration

  3. Select AWeber from the drop-down on the right and name your integration.

    Name the integration

  4. Next, click the button to authorize the integration.

    Click to authorize

  5. You will have to allow GrooveApps to access your AWeber account information, including your lists, messages, and subscribers. Enter your login credentials, complete the captcha, and click "Allow access."

    Authorize the integration

  6. Now, you can start creating your page. Click the "GrooveFunnels" tab from the menu on the right and click "GroovePages."

    GroovePages tab

  7. Click the "New Site" button to get started.

    Click New Site

  8. Select a template and name your site.

    Choose a template

  9. Once you create the site, you can start adding elements. Click the "Elements" tab on the right-hand side of the editor.

    Click on Elements

  10. Scroll down to the "Integrations" section and click and drag the AWeber element into your page.

    Click and drag AWeber element

  11. After you add the AWeber element, you will see a form on your page. Hover over the form and click the pencil icon to edit the settings.

    Click the pencil icon

  12. Next, the "aweber-component" settings will appear on the right-hand side of the editor. Click the "Configure" tab and select which list you want subscribers added to.

    Choose a list

And that's it! Once you publish your site, visitors can submit their information to your form and sign up for your list.

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