How do I boost my sales with AWeber?

There are many ways to use AWeber to boost your sales and increase your revenue. In this article we will be discussing several great options, so that you can choose the ones that will best fit your unique business and audience.

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You already have a product ready to be purchased. You have a mailing list that can be used to capture subscribers, send emails, and even sell your product. The next step is getting the word out, and making people aware of what you have to offer. 



Engaging Existing Subscribers 

If you have a list of subscribers in your account, focusing on that list can be a great way to boost your sales. The subscribers on your list are already familiar with your business, are interested in learning more about it, and are expecting to hear from you. Beyond that, they find enough value in what you provide to subscribe to your mailing list and open the emails that you send. 


Send to your buyers

Do you have a list or segment of subscribers that have already purchased from you? In most cases, this group is the most likely to purchase from you again. Try sending them a targeted email about a new product or service that you've recently added.

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Did they purchase an ebook of your favorite dessert recipes? Let them know about your online course where you teach them how to prepare a few of those desserts. Did they attend a webinar that you hosted? Let them know about the next one that you'll be hosting, where you will be focusing on a new topic. 


Send based on engagement

Send an email about your product to your entire list. Add tracking, so that if a subscriber opens the email or clicks a link inside to learn more, they're tagged. You can use that tag to trigger another email though Campaigns, which goes into more detail on why that product would benefit them. You can also send targeted Broadcasts to the subscribers who have that tag later. 


When you track which subscribers express interest in your product by opening an email or clicking a link, this allows you to focus your efforts on the people who you know will be most likely to make the purchase. 


Use your Thank You Page

Your subscribers will never be more engaged with you than in the minutes after they sign up for your list. That’s the moment they’ve decided that what you have to offer is valuable, and they’re eager to learn more. Leverage that interest by using your Thank You Page to your advantage. 

Thank You Page with upsell

Instead of a basic, "Thank you for subscribing" message, use that page to tell them about a service or product that they might be interested in. Did they sign up to receive a weekly newsletter with recipes? Use your Thank You Page to sell them your digital cookbook that they can download today. Did they sign up to take your free class? Let them know about another class that you offer, and offer a one-time discount if they register for that class immediately. 


Growing Your List

In addition to promoting your product to your existing list, growing your list is also an important way to boost your sales. 


Social Media

Promoting your product to your social media networks can be a great way to boost sales. Create a landing page where they can learn more about your product, or purchase it. Share that page with your network through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.



Run ads through services like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. These ads can be targeted to your primary audience, and can get your business in front of people who otherwise may not have found it on their own.


Web Push Notifications

If you have your own website or blog, Web Push Notifications are another great way to let your audience know about your products and boost your sales. Are you running a special promotion? Send a Web Push Notification to make sure your audience takes advantage. Did you launch a new product? Send a Web Push Notification to announce it and make sure your audience sees it. 

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