How do I allow my landing page to be copied to another AWeber account?

A landing page is a webpage that serves to promote your newsletter, promote a product or service, or offer a downloadable resource. Using AWeber's landing page builder, you can customize a landing page and continue to grow your list. You can apply tags to the subscribers that sign up through the form on your landing page, which will allow you to easily track where the subscribers signed up, trigger specific campaigns, and help segment your list to send targeted broadcast messages.

If you have created a landing page that you would like to make available for others to use, follow the directions below to enable a button so that others can easily copy your landing page in their own accounts.


Reasons to Copy Your Pages

  • Copy successful landing page designs with others that you know to establish yourself as an expert.
  • Creators building in public to help get others running and successful faster.
  • Advocates creating a starter template for their program to get their audience up and running on AWeber as quickly as possible.
  • Create a landing page starter kit giveaway to grow your audience.


Step By Step Instructions

  1. After creating your landing page, go to your "Page Copying" section to toggle the option to "Allow Page Copying".

    Enable Allow Page Copying

  2. Enabling this toggle places a clickable "Copy" button at the very bottom of your landing page.

    Clickable copy button

  3. When clicked, a new tab will open with the copied landing page loaded as a template for those who are already logged into their account. For those who are not logged in, they will be presented with an opportunity to do so.

And that's it! Visitors to your website can now create a copied version of your landing page within their own AWeber account. Don't forget to publish your changes!

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