What products are supported by the Ecommerce element?

With AWeber landing pages, you can now accept payments through Stripe by utilizing the Ecommerce element. You can use the Ecommerce element to sell different types of products, including: 

  • eBooks and PDFs
  • Access to your webinars
  • Memberships
  • "How to" guides for your audience
  • Illustrations and templates
  • Entry to a program or course you've developed
  • Access to an event
  • Tips and donations to fundraise for your passion project

If you have not already, you must first connect your account to Stripe. Learn how to connect Stripe and AWeber with a step-by-step walkthrough.

Note: Because this application is set to single opt-in by default, new subscribers will be added immediately without receiving a confirmation email. Additionally, product names must be 50 characters or less.

What type of products could I sell using landing pages?

Currently, AWeber supports one-time payments, subscription payments and split-payments

We do not currently support the following:

Why am I seeing an error message?

If you are seeing an error message that reads, "There was an unexpected change to this product. Double check your settings and make sure it's not an unsupported payment format," then this means that your product was deleted, the price of your product was deleted, or the price was updated to an unsupported type of product in Stripe. You will want to log into your Stripe account and navigate to the Products dashboard to manage your products. 

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