Blog Broadcasts are being upgraded to Campaigns

Because they offer a much stronger blog automation experience, we're replacing the Blog Broadcast feature with Campaigns. As of February 28th, you will not be able to create new blog broadcasts and will instead use campaigns to create automated messages for your blog or YouTube channel. Your existing blog broadcasts will continue to function and will automatically be migrated into campaigns in the near future.


Campaigns offer many benefits

Campaigns come with a number of important improvements regarding how you send automated messages based on RSS feeds that people like you have been asking for.


Benefits of upgrading to Campaigns

  • Design your messages using the drag and drop email builder. That means it's much easier to get your automated notifications looking just the way you want them to. No need for fiddling with code or markup.
  • The ability to send blog notifications targeted to a specific audience segment using tags.
  • The ability to schedule emails in each subscriber's local timezone.
  • Include an automated welcome messages in your blog notification campaign.
  • Send automated notifications for a certain amount of time (4 weeks, for example) before kicking off another campaign.

Set up your own blog automation campaign

If you'd like to try setting up a blog notification Campaign for yourself, you can follow these step-by-step instructions.

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