How do I add elements to my email using the "/" keyboard shortcut?

When you're in the writing zone, you don't want any sort of distraction taking your focus off your keyboard. To make writing in AWeber even more seamless, you can now type "/" on any new line in AWeber's Drag & Drop Editor to add new elements or set text styles for the line.


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Move your cursor to any blank line in your message. You should see the placeholder text "Type '/' for commands."


  2. Type "/"

  3. Select the element you would like to add or text style you would like to set for this line.


What can you add with the "/" menu?

You can add new elements to add content or design flair to your message:

  • Image
  • Button
  • Video
  • Divider

You can also set text styles to help create structure or draw attention to written content.

  • Normal Paragraph
  • Heading 1 - 3
  • Bulleted List
  • Numbered List
  • Blockquote
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