Try the new Drafts & Broadcast screen now!

Your feedback was heard, and we've made improvements! Explore the new Messages screen for enhanced usability and more control at your fingertips.

Ready to enable the new screen? Here's how!

Head to the Drafts or Broadcast screens, and simply click on the 'Try new experience' button located in the top right corner.

Arrow pointing to Try new experience button

After clicking the button, a popup will appear as shown below. Click the 'Try the new experience' button in the popup, and the page will reload with the new screen. Remember to click the 'Share feedback' link to let us know your thoughts on the new experience.

Showing the popup that appears when clicking the Try new experience button

To return to the previous screen, repeat the same actions. This time, the popup will display a 'Share feedback' option. Kindly take a moment to fill it out and let us know how we can make this new screen even better. The other hyperlink will switch you back to the old experience. Feel free to switch between these screens as much as you like, but if you prefer the new screen, feel free to stick with it for a while.

Showing the popup that appears if switching back to old version

Curious about the latest improvements?

All in one place

Enjoy the ease of accessing your drafts, scheduled messages, and broadcasts all within a single, unified screen. Say goodbye to switching between multiple screens to stay up-to-date.

Showing what the new messages screen look like with various improvements

Introducing text searching for messages

Easily locate your drafts & broadcasts by their subject line or message status.

Showing the search and status sections of the new messages screen

Effortlessly locate messages using sorting

Enjoy the flexibility to sort drafts & broadcasts by subject line, relevant date, or message status.

Showing where to click to sort by subject line, date, or messages status

Enhanced overview with more information at a glance

View stats on opens, clicks, bounces, and complaints in both numbers and percentages simultaneously, without toggling between them.

Showing percentages and raw numbers at the same time

Seamlessly access this screen on any device

Enjoy a seamless experience on this screen across all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Displaying how we've optimzied the experience for users with different devices

Experience more space and reduced clicks when scheduling

We've expanded the scheduling popup to cover the entire screen, now featuring a message preview. Additionally, we've streamlined the process by removing individual 'edit' and 'save' buttons, reducing the clicks needed to schedule a broadcast.

Showing the new screen to schedule messages

Preview your messages in both desktop and mobile formats

Instantly preview your message on both desktop/laptop computers and smartphones in one glance.

Showing the option to preview messages in desktop and mobile formats

Share your thoughts

Don't miss the chance to provide feedback using the 'Try new experience' button at the top of the screen. Let’s grow together.

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