What does AWeber do?

AWeber offers a service to help businesses communicate more effectively and profitably with prospects and customers.

Our customers utilize our permission-based email marketing service to establish and maintain profitable relationships.

How does AWeber help small businesses?

Whether you're an entrepreneur operating an on-line business or on location, paid advertisement can cost a pretty penny, often with a low conversion rates.

What are you doing with the expensive prospects that arrive at your doorstep?  What if they take a look at what you offer and aren't ready to purchase immediately?  Do you have any way to follow up with them?

AWeber provides a service to help build relationships that convert first-time visitors into loyal customers.

Read our Knowledge Base article on the benefits of email marketing for more information on how it can help your business.


We provide an easy to use, feature-rich service with several tools to help you achieve your email marketing goals.

With AWeber you can:

  • Send an automatic series of messages to effortlessly build relationships.
  • Broadcast newsletters, coupons, and special offers by email.
  • Create opt-in forms and easily publish them to your website.
  • Notify your blog readers of newly published posts.
  • Speak with real, live people for friendly service helping you to set up your campaign and achieve the best results.

Can I see some examples of results?

Our Marketing Team regularly posts case studies on our blog, highlighting the results of some customers, along with a free consultation with tips from our years of experience in email marketing.

We also have testimonials from dozens of customers describing their experience with AWeber and the real people they've communicated with to help them achieve their marketing goals.

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