Geographic Personalization

A feature that allows you to use geographic information automatically captured from your subscribers opt-in IP address in your messages.


Geographic Variables

When subscribers opt in to your list through a sign up form, AWeber captures their IP address. Based on this IP address, for most subscribers we can capture geographic information which you can use to personalize your messages.

This geographic data is based on the subscriber's IP address, which will not always match where they are physically located. It is an approximate measure, so please use it accordingly.


Variable Displays
{!geog_country} Country (where subscriber signed up from)
{!geog_region} Region (in the USA, this is State)
{!geog_city} City
{!geog_postal} Postal Code
{!geog_lat} Latitude
{!geog_lon} Longitude
{!geog_dma_code} Direct Marketing Association code
{!geog_area_code} Area Code
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