Is AWeber a scam? No.

If you're looking for information about our features, take a look at our features page. You can always review our terms of service or anti-spam policy if you would like to see a full explanation of the kinds of things that we allow and do not allow.

For anyone who has more general questions about the nature of our business, here's a quick overview of what we do and don't do here at AWeber.

What does AWeber do?

  • We are an email marketing service. We help small businesses build, maintain, and send to email mailing lists. We only send email to subscribers who have requested information from the sender directly, and do not permit any customer to use our service for the sending of spam or any unwanted or unsolicited email.
  • We have an Customer Referral Program which allows advocates to promote AWeber and earn a referral payments on any new customers that purchase an account through their referral link.
  • We offer email marketing analysis, news, and advice on our blog, covering topics ranging from newsletter design to overarching marketing strategy.

What doesn't AWeber do?

  • We do not provide products for sale by our customers - we generally assume that our customers already have some kind of business plan and are using our service to help them promote that plan and educate website visitors about their organization.
  • We are not a "business-in-a-box" service. We help our customers manage their email marketing campaigns, but other aspects of their business (their website, their products or services, etc.) are up to them.
  • We do not trade, rent, or sell subscribers' information or email addresses. As our business is built on reputation and trust, it is in our best interests to keep our customer's information private.
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