Why should I upgrade Internet Explorer?

As of October 8, 2015 AWeber will no longer support Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) in addition to any other previous versions of Internet Explorer. If you're currently using Internet Explorer 9 or below, you can upgrade to a more recent version for free on Microsoft's web site.

Why Does AWeber No Longer Support Earlier Versions of Internet Explorer?

  1. Internet Explorer 9 was released back in 2011, and there are now several newer versions of Internet Explorer available and actively updated by Microsoft.

  2. Internet Explorer 9 lacks support for some modern CSS and XHTML features, meaning that it limits our ability to create new features for you to use. We decided that we did not want to sacrifice performance in order to support an outdated browser.

  3. We support as many browsers as we can, but since the most innovative features sometimes require more recent browser features, it is increasingly difficult and sometimes impossible for our developers to support earlier versions of Internet Explorer.

I'm Using An Earlier Version of Internet Explorer: What Should I Do?

As mentioned above, you can upgrade to a more recent version of Internet Explorer if you like.

Upgrade Internet Explorer


We also support Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. All of which are available for free and are fully compatible with Windows computers.

Install Chrome Install Firefox Install Safari
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