Does AWeber offer nonprofit and student discounts?

Our businesses must continually have a firm footing in a changing world. For this to be possible, we must encourage strong economies and communities. 

In this spirit, we are proud to offer special discounts to both nonprofit organizations and students. 

Discount for nonprofit Organizations

In many cases, email marketing can directly contribute to the fundraising abilities of nonprofits, but those funds won't come in immediately. 

To help offset the costs of getting started, we offer 3 months of service free to nonprofits opening new accounts, followed by a 25% discount on invoices from there forward. 

To qualify, print the order form, fill it out and fax it in to (+1) 215-701-8733 along with your valid 501(c)(3) paperwork. 

Discount for Students

Another generation of tech-savvy business people needs to be ready to grab the reins when the time comes. 

To do our part in helping them to get there, we're happy to offer a 20% discount to all current students with a valid .edu or .ac email address

Are you a student? We extend this offer for any new account - just fill out the order form using your .edu address, then print it and fax it in. Upon receipt, we will process your order at the discounted rate and send your login information to the email address you provided. 

If you submit the order form online, please contact our Customer Solutions Team alerting them that you're looking for a student discount applied to your account and we'd be happy to help! Just provide your login name and the valid .edu or .ac address to help us locate your account.

Don't Qualify for These Discounts?

Currently, these are the only two discounts we're offering for two very specific purposes. 

Instead of offering various sales and discounts that come and go, we hope you find our approach of offering a low and affordable price for the rich set of features we offer.

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