How good is your Email Deliverability?

We're frequently asked what our deliverability rate is. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation in the marketplace and many people are deceived due to bad information.

Internal Metrics

Internally we track our email deliverability both by measuring the number of undeliverable messages that are bounced back to us as well as more real time engagement metrics such as clicks and opens. Internally we track deliverability on a monthly basis exceeding 99%.

3rd Party Deliverability Metrics

Return Path, an email deliverability firm, offers a service that rates all mail servers on the quality and reputation of the email they send.

It also gives a metric specifying the specific percentage of email accepted by all of their customers 60 million mailboxes.

While their terms of service prohibits us from directly republishing their data, you can look with your own eyes at all of the sending IP's used by AWeber and see their deliverability percentage rate. 

You'll need a free account which takes about 2 minutes to set up. Once you've registered login and return here to click on the links below.

Specifically, you want to keep an eye on the "Sender Score" as well as the mail volume.

AWeber Mail Servers


Above you will find the IP range for our mail servers. All servers used to send email from AWeber are always included in our SPF record.

AWeber Employee/Customer Support Mail Servers

Use the Sender Score website to compare and contrast other email service providers before making your ultimate choice. You'll surely find their independent data source to be very enlightening.

If you're evaluating other email service providers prior to making a purchase decision, be sure to ask them for their sending IP addresses and use Sender Score to compare their average deliverability and volume of email delivered. You should find that AWeber far exceeds our competition.

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