How do I find my Email Headers?

When troubleshooting issues, our customer solutions team will sometimes need the full headers for messages that you have received. The full headers of a message provide a wealth of information about that message, most importantly of which is where the message was sent from and when it was sent.

While we cannot provide information on how to find the headers in every mail client, below you will find out the details on how to get the header information for messages for most major email providers.

Using GMail?

  1. First, open the message that you received. Once the message is open, look for the down arrow in the top right corner of the message and click on it.


  2. Then, select "Show Original" from the drop down menu.


  3. Another window will appear with what appears to be code/text. Highlight and copy all of this code/text as it is the full HTML code of the message along with headers for that message.


Using Yahoo?

  1. First, open the message you received. Once the message is open, click on the "More" option above the message.

  2. Then, select "View Full Header" from the drop down menu.


  3. A pop up will then appear with the full header information for your message. Highlight and copy that full header information.


Using Hotmail/Live Mail/

  1. First, open the message in Hotmail/Outlook. At the top of the page click on the down arrow next to "Reply".


  2. Then, select "View message source" from the drop down menu.


  3. This will prompt a dialogue box to appear. You can copy the information in this box to obtain the full message headers.



  1. First, log into your AOL account directly from their website. Once logged in, open the message that you would like to obtain the full headers for. When looking at the message click on the "Action" tab above the message.


  2. Then, select "View Message Source" from the drop down menu.


  3. A new window will appear with the code/HTML for your sign up form. Highlight and copy all of the code that appears on that page.


Using Mac Mail?

  1. In Mac Mail, first open the message you would like to obtain the full headers for. Go to the "View" option at the top of your Mac Mail.


  2. From the drop down menu that appears hover over "Message" and then click on "Raw Source"

    Note: Mac Mail also has the option to select "All Headers", but for most support inquiries having the full "Raw Code" is more beneficial. This is because the full "Raw Code" includes a copy of the message HTML code along with its full headers.


  3. A window will then appear with the full HTML code for your message along with the message headers. Highlight and copy all of the code the code that appears.


Why Is My Email Client/Provider Not Listed?

Since there are so many different email providers/clients out there it would be impossible to provide instructions on getting message headers in each and everyone of them. If you are using an email client that is not listed above then you will want to contact your email provider or the maker of your email client to get instructions on how to get the full headers for your messages.

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