How can I use Email Marketing in my industry?

If you're new to email marketing, you may be curious how you can use email marketing in your industry. AWeber has published some free guides you can use to help you on your path to using email marketing for the industry you're working in.

This article provides email marketing guides for a variety of industries. Feel free to take them, use them, and tell people how you’re getting such amazing results!

Fitness Centers

Every day, people fall off the workout wagon. Entice them back on with email marketing. It’s easy to whip an email campaign into shape – this guide shows you how.


Download Fitness Center Guide


With luck, your winery’s visitors will seek out your wines at restaurants and bars. But luck is fickle, so try email marketing instead. We’ve got the recipe right here.


Download Wineries Guide


You serve your diners with good food and great service, but once they’re gone, they may never come back. Unless you market with email. Then you can entice them back.


Download Restaurants Guide


Billboards, flyers, a marquee on the lawn…these can’t greet new visitors, keep members updated and answer people’s questions. Email can. Let us show you how.


Download Churches Guide



Fans of your art may not be ready to buy on first sight. If they are, they may want to see more. Either way, you need a way to keep in touch – you need email marketing.


Download Artists Guide


No label? No problem. Trent Reznor and Collective Soul shunned agencies to market themselves. With the right tools, so can you.


Download Band Guide


Referrals can help your business grow, so you need a little something customers can pass along – something called an email newsletter.


Download Photographer's Guide

Real Estate Agents

Emailing each individual client can eat up your whole day. Email marketing let’s you message groups. You’ve just got to set it up – which is what this guide is for.


Download Real Estate Agents Guide


No one likes going to the dentist. But building the right relationship with your patients can get them to love your office. Find out how email handle that for you.


Download Dentists Guide


So you can focus on changing the world, you need a system you can set up to handle your marketing. And a guide to show you how to use it.


Download Non-Profits Guide

Animal Shelters

To help you speak for the ones who can’t. Here’s how you can use email marketing to give your furry friends the help they deserve.


Download Animal Shelter Guide

Natural and Organic Products

The unique challenges of natural product marketing call for this comprehensive approach.


Download Natural and Organic Products Guide

Travel Agents & Sites

What’s going to help you stand out from big-name travel sites? Your email campaign, of course.


Download Travel Agents & Sites Guide
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