How do I add text or images to my sign up form?

Sometimes we hear customers request to add content above or below the submit button to state their privacy policy (e.g. "We won't share your information) or to link to a disclaimer. Luckily, adding text, links, or even images to any part of your form is easily done!



Adding text and hyperlinks

When you create a new form, a header and footer are included by default. Simply click on the tab to the left of the area in question in order to edit it. In the popup that appears, just type in your text, then click "Save Field" when you are done.

Add text to the Header popup and click Save Field

If you would like to add a new text area (or you are editing a form from which you have deleted the header or footer and would like to add those again), simply use the buttons in the "Elements" section of the form editor. A Header will appear at the top of the form, a Footer at the bottom, and a Text area can be dragged to any position in the form once added.

Use the Elements section to add a Header, Footer, or Text

You can easily make clickable links in these text areas. When editing one of them, just highlight the text that you would like to become a link, then click the button that looks like a chain link in the toolbar of the popup.

Highlight the text and use the chain icon to hyperlink

In the new window that appears, enter the full URL (including http://) of the page you would like the link to be connected to, select whether you would like the link to open in the same window or a new one, and give the link a title, which will appear if someone hovers their mouse over the link before clicking it, like a tooltip. When you're done, click the "Insert" button.

Add the link and click Insert

Adding images

If you would like to add an image to your form, you'll have access to the image gallery on your account along with being able to upload an image or add a hosted URL. You'll start by clicking on the "Image" button from the "Elements" section.

Click Image from the Elements section

A placeholder box will appear above the footer section of your template along with a dialogue box. When you want to upload an image or use one from your gallery, you'll click "Image Gallery".

Click Image Gallery to add your image

Now you can either select an image from your gallery or upload a new image.

Select an image or upload an image

If you want to use a hosted form link, you'll just use the "Image URL" portion of the image dialogue box to paste that address in. Note: AWeber strongly suggests that you only use secure, https links for any images you plan on linking in your form. Using non-secure links could result in content being blocked.

Insert a secure URL in the Image URL section

Once your image is inserted you can then move it by clicking on it and dragging it to the area of the form that you want it to appear.

Click and drag the image to move it

Adding images to your sign up form header/body/footer

In addition to adding images through the "Image" button, you can also add images into the background of the header, body, or footer of your form. Just like with inserting an image, you can use your gallery, upload an image, or use a hosted URL.

In this example, we are selecting the header to add the image into.

Header section

Once you select the appropriate option from the "Form Type" menu, additional options will appear where you can insert a background image for the header/footer/body. If you want to either use your gallery or upload a new image, just click "Image Gallery".

Use the additional options to add your image

If you want to add a hosted link, just paste that into the "Background Image" section.

Use the Background Image section to add a hosted URL

Now that image will be placed into the background of the header of your form. However, the image might not be placed the way that you want, such as in the example below.

Image in the background of your header

To adjust the placement of the image you placed in the background you will want to utilize the first drop-down menu underneath the "Padding" section.

So for this example we are choosing to align the image "Center."

Use the alignment drop-down menu to align your image how you want

However, now you may notice that the image is still not quite where we want it. This is where adjusting the padding for the form comes in handy. Adjusting the padding can help to change the placement of your header image. We suggest playing around with changing the padding numbers to get your image where you want it placed.

Use the Padding section to adjust the padding of the image

Note: If you want to change either of the two numbers for horizontal or vertical padding independently of each other, just click the chain link icon between the two numbers.

For this example, we unlinked the numbers for the vertical padding from each other by clicking on the chain link and then we adjusted the padding to show more of the car.

Click the chain icon to unlink the padding variables

Now, the image is exactly where we wanted it to appear. Make sure that you click the "Save Your Form" button when you are done making any of these changes in order to save your work.

If you're trying to have an image appear to the left or right of your form inputs, you can usually accomplish that by adjusting the padding for that form. To start, make sure you have a form with enough width for what you want. The highest that can be set to 900 pixels wide.

Adjust the width of the form to fit your image

Note: you can always edit that size any other time in case you need more room.

For the example below, we're going to be adding an image to the Body section. Choose the image you want to use from the "Background Image" section.

Choose your image to add in the body of the form

Next, for the image alignment, you would set it to either be "Left" or Right" of the inputs. For this example, we'll be left aligning the image.

Use the alignment drop-down to left or right align your image

Now comes the part where you'll adjust the padding to have the image aligned how you want it. Make sure you're using an image that can fit into the allotted area. You can always resize the image and then re-upload to AWeber. 

You'll first have to click the link icon between the horizontal padding options. In doing that, the paddings can move independently of each other.

Use the Padding section to adjust the padding

What padding you will use for your form can vary depending on the form you're using and the size of the image. Since a form can't be over 900 pixels, you would want to have a picture that's sized enough to fit. It will take some trial and error to get the exact numbers but when you do, that image will appear to the left of the form.

Generally speaking, you'll be adding more padding to the side where you want the image to display.

Image to the left of the form fields

And that's it! Now you will have that lovely image to the side of your opt-in forms so you can include any additional images or pictures of puppies if you need.

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