How do I split test my sign up forms?

To split test different opt-in forms on your site, you'll first need to have at least two forms created.

Learn how to create an opt-in form.

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Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click the "Sign Up Forms" tab to get started. Then, click the "Split Test Your Forms" button.

    Click Split Test Your Forms
  2. On this page, first give the split test a name (this should be descriptive to you - your subscribers will never see this).

    Name the split test

    Below the name area, each of the forms on that list will have a percentage next to their names. Simply change the percentages to reflect how often you would like each form to appear. When you are done, click "Save Split Test."

    Choose a frequency

    Note: Probabilities need to add up to 100%, and often you will want to have there be an equal chance of each form appearing - this makes comparing the effectiveness of the different forms easier. If you do not want one of your forms to be part of the split test, just change its probability to 0.
  3. After saving the split test, you will see its information on the Sign Up Forms page. To place it on your website, click the "Actions" tab and then click "Get HTML."

    Click Get HTML

    In the popup that appears, copy the javascript, then place it on your web site wherever you would like the split test to appear.

    Copy the Javascript

That's it! Now your split test will be up and running. To check on its progress, just come back to this page later.

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