How do I create a sign up form?

Adding an opt in form to pages on your website is a great way to improve your newsletter or autoresponder campaign. By doing this you take advantage of a valuable opportunity to turn one-time visitors into regulars and customers.

Publishing your first form for your email campaign is easy. Just complete these steps:

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Click "Pages & Forms" then the "Sign Up Forms" tab in the navigation menu.

  2. Click on the "Create a Sign Up Form" button and choose "For My Website."

    Create a sign up button for my website option

  3. Choose a template for your form from the "Template Gallery". Click the "Show More" option to bring up a menu of the different categories.

    Choose a template from the Template Gallery

    Browse through the different categories to find a template that matches your websites design and theme.

    Click Show More to browse the template categories

    When you find the one you want to use, click on it. Then choose your color scheme and click "Load Template."

    Select a template and then click Load Template

  4. To add text to the header of your form, click on it.

    Click the header to add text

    A headline will help your websites visitors understand why they should sign up and what kind of information they can expect to receive.

  5. Once done, click "Go To Step 2."

    Click Go To Step 2

  6. Now, give your form a name. Your subscribers won't see this name; it just helps you tell this form apart from others you create later.

    Name your form in the Form Name field

  7. Then, select the Thank You page your subscribers will go to after they fill out your form. You can use the default basic version, a custom page on your website, or a custom thank you page created with our landing page builder.

    Select a Thank You Page

  8. Once done, click "Save Your Form" and then click "Go To Step 3."

    click save and then go to step three

  9. Now publish the form to your website using the Javascript Snippet or Raw HTML Version.

    Click Publish

    You can copy and paste the Javascript Snippet or Raw HTML Version anywhere between the <body> tags of your site.

    javascript code

  10. You could also publish the sign up form as a landing page if you don't have a website.

    publish sign up form as landing page

Learn more about sign up form publishing options. Once the form has been published, test it by filling it out yourself. The form is now ready to turn website visitors into subscribers!

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