Why should I split test my forms?

Split testing allows you to conduct a controlled experiment with your sign up forms to help to see which factors make them perform better for your campaigns.

Once you gather this information, you can use it to design a better form, helping you build your list.

Below, you'll find a few examples of what you might split test. Note that this is an intermediate to advanced feature.  Before you get to this step, make sure you're acquainted with setting up forms and adding messages to your campaigns.

Note: this feature is not accessible on AWeber Free. Upgrade to AWeber Pro to unlock this feature and many more within your account or by contacting our Customer Solutions team.

Amount of information to capture

Generally speaking, keeping the fields you capture in your sign up forms down to just Name and Email maximizes the number of sign ups you'll get for your campaign.

But some marketers could really get some use out of other information, like:

  • Phone numbers to connect personally with subscribers
  • Birthdays to send special messages
  • Survey questions to solicit feedback

If you have other information you'd like to capture, you can have one control form, and one variable form where you capture other information.

Reviewing the results will help you to gauge the cost / benefit ratio of capturing more or less information.

Names of fields

You can easily change the labels of the fields in the sign up form tool.

You might test some different labels using a split test.  For example, some customers:

  • Use "First Name" instead of "Name" so that subscribers feel more comfortable providing only that
  • Use "Primary Email" instead of email so that subscribers give the email they check most often
  • Ask questions of subscribers but aren't sure of how to best phrase the question.

Just create a split test trying a few things out and see what generates the most sign ups and best captured information for your campaigns.

Form Headline

The headline section of your form appears above the empty input boxes where your subscribers type in their information.

It is the place where you give information that explains why someone would want to subscribe to your list.

Perhaps advertising the tips you're sending in the campaign is most enticing to visitors. Or, maybe listing bullet points of other benefits is better.

By split testing, you have the ability to test different copy in this area to explain different benefits of your campaign to see what works best.


There are so many different things you can test, and once you have your campaign established with a sign up form and some messages to go out, we encourage you to try some.

Other examples of factors to test include:

  • Type of form (e.g. pop-up vs. pop-over)
  • Thank you page
  • Delay before pop-up / pop-over appears
  • Design / Dimensions of pop-up / pop-over form

Take a look at your form on your site and in your control panel.  What other things could you test that would help you get the best results from your campaign?

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