How do I change the thank you page for my sign up form?

When a person subscribes to your list using a form on your website, they're re-directed to a page meant to encourage them to confirm their subscription (if the confirmation message is on) or notify them that their subscription is complete (if the confirmation message is off).

You may use a customized version of the Thank You Page hosted at AWeber, or create your own page hosted on your own website.

Step By Step Instructions

  1. First, click the Sign Up Forms tab.

    Sign Up Forms tab

  2. Click the name of the form you wish to edit.

    Click the form name

  3. Above the sign up form generator, click the section for "Settings."

    Click Settings

  4. Click the Thank You Page menu to choose the thank you page you would like to use.

    Choose the thank you page to use

    Basic Version

    Basic thank you page

    Custom Page

    This version is hosted on your website. When the subscriber submits their email and any other information successfully, they are directed to the URL you enter after selecting this option.

    Stay on Current Page

    This option is not like the others, in that subscribers are not sent to a different page. Instead, once they successfully submit their email and any other information, they are sent back to the same page that they had just filled out the form on.

    Note: You can click on the "Preview" button in order to see a live preview of any of the options.

  5. Select the type of Thank You Page you wish to use. If you choose the Custom Page option, you will also need to enter the URL of the page you'd like to send subscribers to.

    Custom page URL

  6. If you'd like to have the Thank You Page open in a new window, check the "Open this in a new window" checkbox.

    Open this in a new window

  7. Save your sign up form. If you haven't yet published it to your website, or if you've used the Raw HTML Version of the form, you will also need to add the code to your site.
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