Why is my form reporting an error?

When you or a subscriber signs up on your form, an error may be reported:

Error icon

Fortunately, these errors are easily identified, and often times, they can be corrected quickly.

How to identify and correct errors

If when testing your form, you see an error, review the following cases to understand the issue and find a resolution.

Mailing List Not Active

If publishing your sign up form through HTML, the unique list ID of your form would need to be published in the list name portion of the HTML.

Mailing List Not Active

Because of a mismatch between the HTML published to your site and the unique list ID in your account, the form cannot be submitted successfully.

To correct this issue, you'll need to update the published HTML coding of your site to reflect your unique list ID rather than the list name you provided AWeber.

<input type="hidden" name="listname" value="YOUR-UNIQUE-LIST-ID-HERE" />

Note: This can also occur when connecting some integrations so make sure to check our integrations section for steps. 

No Thank You Page Set

There may be a slightly different issue with the settings of your form if you see the following error:

Form not set up properly

To correct the issue, you may need to re-publish the HTML for your form. The thank you page in the HTML currently published is likely incorrect. Republishing the HTML of the form should correct this problem.

If you still see an issue, you may need to contact your web host to determine why there are changes being made to the HTML you're publishing, as that is likely the problem that needs to be addressed.

Email Address Blocked

If you or a subscriber are entering an email address that you've blocked or one that is blocked from being added to any customer's list, you may see the following error:

Different Address Needed

In this case, you will need to either unblock the address in question or use a different email address that is not blocked from being added to AWeber.

Too Many Repeated Submissions

When testing or adding subscribers via sign up form, you might see this error:

Too Many Submissions

If you are testing your form, you will need to wait some time before doing any further testing from the same computer.

If instead, you are adding leads, you will need to use the Import feature to add subscribers instead, as it is the proper method of adding subscribers.

Post Method HTML Not Coded Correctly

When using a custom form with AWeber, you will need to ensure that the addlead URL in your HTML code contains the "post" method and AWeber addlead URL. For example, this HTML needs to be coded as followed:

<form method="post" action="https://www.aweber.com/scripts/addlead.pl"> 

Request could not be processed

If your coding is not structured to contain the "post" method and proper AWeber addlead URL, the form will not function.

Confirm Your Subscription

If you enter an email address into a form associated with a list it has already been added to, you may see the following error:

Confirm Your Subscription

In this case, as the error explains, a confirmation message has been sent to you or your subscriber. In order to activate the subscription in question, the message needs to be opened and its link confirmation clicked on.

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