What should I write in my Thank You page?

By default, our sign up form tool will send your subscribers to a generic thank you page. 

Although the default page certainly gets the job done in the strictest sense, a customized thank you page provides a few major benefits:

  • if confirmed opt-in is enabled, a message can be written that subscribers can't miss to help attain the highest verification rate
  • opportunity for company branding and have page look like the rest of your website
  • subscribers don't leave your website (our generic pages are hosted on our web server)

But what should you write on your thank you page?  This will depend upon whether or not you're using our highly recommended confirmed opt-in feature.

Using Confirmed Opt-in

In order to get the highest rate of confirmation, your thank you page needs to make it very clear to subscribers that they need to open the message and click on the link.

The best way to do so is to keep your thank you page very simple and bold face or otherwise style only the information that should stand out.

The most important pieces of information are:

  • what name appears in the from line of the message
  • what the subject of the message is

Thank you for signing up for our mailing list.

A confirmation message has been sent to you with a link you must click on in order to begin to receive the information.

Open your email inbox and look for a message from newsletter@example.com with the subject "Please confirm your subscription".

If you don't, you will not receive the industry news, tips, and expertise you've signed up for!

What appears in the "from" line is your From/Reply address, set on the "List Settings" page in your account.

The subject of the message is set when you customize your confirmation message, being either something you typed or chose from a pre-approved list.

If you have a graphics editor on your computer (e.g. Photoshop or GIMP), take a screenshot of your inbox highlighting your confirmation message to provide the most visual example of how the message looks from your subscribers' shoes.

Suggest Whitelisting

Whitelisting is a virtual "good standing" mark that in layman's terms says, "We trust this source; this mail probably is not SPAM." 
By using our service, you're messages are whitelisted from the point of the sender (us) to the receiving email service (e.g. AOL, Yahoo!, etc.).

There is still a link between the receiving email service to the actual recipient (your subscriber) that can also be whitelisted for the best delivery rate.  On your thank you page, you can suggest that your subscribers whitelist you to cover this base.

The simplest thing you can suggest is to have them add you to their allowed senders list and address book (different email services use different methods). 

Or, for more detailed information, you can review the knowledge base article titled "How Do I Whitelist My Address?"

Not Using Confirmed Opt-in

If you aren't using confirmed opt-in, the thank page should most prominently state the fact that the subscriber was successfully added to the list.

You still may want to include a few lines mentioning whitelisting your subscribers' email addresses.


You might then continue with more detailed information on what they can expect to receive from your email campaign.  Will you be sending them weekly newsletters?  Daily tips? Occasional specials?

List some of those benefits out and set some expectations, then just provide a link back to your web page.

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