How do I copy a sign up form?

We offer one-click copying of your opt-in forms so that instead of manually creating similar forms from scratch, you can start with a previously created form and then just change whatever you need to make your new form.

Go to your Sign Up Form Page.

Underneath the title of the form click "Copy."

Click Copy under the form name

You will automatically be taken to the edit page for your newly created form, so that you can make changes to it as needed.

Copying a sign up form to another list

Sign up forms are tied to the list that you create them in, and the copy link will create the copy in the existing list. Forms can't be moved from list to list, but you CAN copy the settings from one list to another, allowing you to quickly create similar (or even identical) forms!

Step by step instructions

  1. First, make sure that you are under the Sign Up Forms tab, and choose the list in which you would like to create your sign up form from the "List" menu.

    Access the sign up form in the chosen list

  2. Now that you are in the new list, click the "Create a Sign Up Form" button, then "For My Website" option to create a new form.

    Click Create a Sign Up Form and For My Website
  3. In the form editor, choose the "My Templates" category from the "Template Gallery".

    Choose Template Gallery

  4. Then, click on the name of the form that you would like to copy the settings from.

    Select the form

  5. Click the "Load Template" button from the pop up box that appears.

    Click Load Template

This process copies all the styles for your form, but it will not create new fields - you may need to add custom fields in the new form once you have copied the formatting from your form on the other list.

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